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Keeping a Beautiful Home

True beauty doesn’t come from the external appearance, but from the stature of the heart. As we sweep, vacuum, scrub, wash, iron and fold lets remember why our work is not done in vain, but out of the love we have for our families. Lets learn purposeful home keeping together.

Brown chair with black and floral seat cover next to brown vintage desk with red drawer that has plant on it with books in lower shelf.Colorful painting on cream wall next to fiddle leaf fig plant.

Pure Personal Care & Remedies

White and cream ceramic vase next to frosted candle on big light green book with coasters on coffee table.Pretty white vintage vase with fresh greenery next to white and gold salt and pepper shakers with woven basket napkin holder on wooden table.

Homemade Pure Household Cleaners

Cream colored bathroom with white towel hanging on towel rack and natural looking decorBuffet table with two identical green and gold lamps with vintage painting in background in dinning room

Home Keeping + Decor

Behind the home keeper

Hi, I’m Emma!

Welcome to Cultivating In the Waiting , a place where I share how you can cultivate purposeful living in waiting for your dream homestead.  I am extremely passionate about finding ways in which we can steward the land we live on and grow in patience as we learn. I love learning how to garden, how to make real family recipes from scratch, beautifully/sustainably keeping a home.

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