Hi, I’m Emma!

Welcome to Cultivating In the Waiting , a place where I share how you can cultivate purposeful living in waiting for your dream homestead.  I am extremely passionate about finding ways in which we can steward the land we live on and grow in patience as we learn. I love learning how to garden, how to make real family recipes from scratch and beautifully/sustainably keeping a home. 

My husband and I live in an apartment with a small backyard where we grow organic food that we love. This passion for homesteading started with me seeing how our world has increasingly cared less and less about the people who grow the food we eat and make the things we use.  It sickens us to learn about the endless list of toxins in the everyday products we consume, but we continue to find glimmers of hope as we venture back to doing things the slow, inconvenient but purposeful way. 

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be

Cooking in my kitchen

Grateful for

What the lord has given me

Listening to

indie worship

Favorite place

My garden

my weekends

spending time with Family + friends

best snuggle buddies

My two kiddos

My Favorite gardening Post

Where this all began

Covid!  Not surprising to say but humbling to admit that it took a world pandemic to knock my head into gear about all the reasons why homesteading was the right lifestyle for us.  A little bit of fear and a whole lot of ambition is what sent me soaring to find ways I could learn the plethora of skills needed to begin living this out.  But what I found was a whole lot of people giving out random To Do lists that were frankly very unhelpful or just plainly too general.  I was searching for someone who hadn’t already arrived at their dream that I could walk alongside learning the skills with them.  And that’s where I conceived the idea to start this blog, so that people like me didn’t feel like they had to dive into this way of life on their own.